[title_box title=”Private Assessment”]

Many benefit plans cover the cost of physical therapy.  The amount of coverage differs between plans and in some cases is dependent on your injury.  You can contact your provider to determine the amount of coverage and any restrictions.  You will be responsible for any costs not covered by your plan.  A referral is not needed but bring it if you have been provided with one.

[title_box title=”Workers Compensation Board”]

We are a WCB contracted clinic.  Therefore if you are injured at work we are able to file the initial report to begin the claims process. If your claim is approved we can direct bill to WCB.  We will work with WCB and your employer to determine an appropriate modified work schedule if required and a return to work plan.  If you already have your claim number please bring this information with you.

[title_box title=”Motor Vehicle Accidents (MVA)”]

We are an MVA authorized provider.  If you are involved in a motor vehicle accident, contact your motor vehicle insurance provider.  Also, contact us to make an appointment as there are timelines in which the initial assessment and corresponding paperwork have to be completed in order for the claim to be accepted by insurance companies.  The AB-1 form has to be submitted to your provider within 10 business days of the accident.  The injuries you sustained will determine whether you receive treatment through the diagnostic treatment protocols.  If your injuries are not within the protocols, then your treatments will be billed to your private insurance provider (if applicable).  Please bring your AB-1 if you have already completed it, your policy number and your claim number (if you have been given one).

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