Electrophysical Therapy

Electrophysical therapy involves the use of electrical machines to assist in the treatment of injuries.  The devices include therapeutic ultrasound, neuromuscular electrical nerve stimulation (EMS), transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) and interferential current (IFC). Electrophysical therapy also involves the use of heat and cold.

Heat and cold are used to alter blood flow (circulation) to a region. They are effective in decreasing inflammation and helping with tissue repair. Tissues respond differently to heat and cold and its important that you apply the correct one at different phases of your injury.

Ultrasound can help increase the temperature of deep and superficial tissue. Ultrasound can be used to manage pain, inflammation and scar tissue.

TENS and IFC are modalities that are used to manage pain and promote healing. IFC also has an anti-inflammatory effect.

EMS is a form of electro-current that is used to restore muscular contraction and strength.

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